Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lamingtons Oscar Style

Well I first heard about Lamingtons from my old friend Emma from Wellington. I didn't taste one til quite recently though even though I heard of them years and years ago... not readily available in Ireland!
I made them a few weeks ago but the recipe I have, which is a Kiwi recipe, left me a little underwhelmed .. or else I made the sponge incorrectly.

So I decided to put my own little Lamington recipe together.

You start off by making the sponge from the preceding Lemon Cake recipe Instead of making a lemon syrup I made a syrup from blood orange.
Syrup Recipe:
Zest and juice from two blood oranges (medium size)
3/4 cup of white sugar
10 cloves

 This is then poured over the sponge which I have sliced and pricked with a knife all over so as to aid penetration of the juice. You allow this cool pretty completely.

Chocolate Coating:
In the Kiwi cookbook I have they use a cocoa-based coating but I'm not a particular fan of that so I just took 190 g of milk chocolate and 190g of cream and cooked them together on a low heat.

Allow the chocolate to cool and thicken  a bit before you roll the lamington squares in it. The thicker it is then the thicker the coating of chocolate will be on it. I went for something about the consistency of honey ish. Take the dipped Lamington and then roll it in dessicated coconut and leave to cool in the fridge.

And that's about it ... I had two with a big mug of tae last night and I have to say I thought they were extremely tasty. Normally I don't like to make anything that takes a lot of prep but these are worth it ...

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