Friday, July 2, 2010

Baking with Marco Ropke - Italian Breads

So the first 2 evening course was a present and I decided to gift myself another one. This was Italian breads, including foccacia, panne francesca, pita, pannettone, bread sticks, Lebanese style lavash, pizza dough and others.

This is what resulted .. well actually this is only part of what resulted but I don't seem to have a pictures of the other half of the haul.

I can heartily recommend this course if you're in the Vancouver area. Class sizes are small (no more than 8) and you bake all the time. You also gets lots of snacks. On the first night we had some of Marco's handmade chocolates and on subsequent nights he always had a selection of breads and cheeses there for us.

Twas kinda like going to a bread restaurant where ya get fed loads of different courses and you get shown how to cook them yourself as well. All of the recipes are repeatable at home although some simple gadgets would make the job easier (weighing scales does spring to mind)
At some other time I'm going to take a couple of his pastry courses as well but at the moment I'm a bit too busy with work.

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